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Changes in the ABCA Office

As of September 1, 2013, the ABCA's new interim Registrar and Secretary will be Debbie Bailey. Debbie's outstanding management experience and commitment to customer service will make her an excellent manager of the ABCA office. Contact information for the new office:

American Border Collie Association
P.O. Box 100
Cataula, GA 31804
Phone: 706-322-4400 * Fax: 706-322-4004

Update: When it became necessary for the ABCA to locate a new registrar/office manager on short notice, the Board of Directors had to limit its search to candidates who would be able to take on the duties within a very short time frame. Consequently, it was the Board's intention to select on an interim basis, and conduct a more extensive search later in the year for a long-term replacement. However, it soon became evident that conducting a second search, training a new contractor, and moving the office for a second time in less than a year would be unduly burdensome and not in the best interests of the Association, particularly when the interim Registrar/Office Manager had proven so successful in mastering and providing the services required. Consequently, the Board has voted to dispense with the second search, and to offer Debbie Bailey a longer-term contract when her interim contract expires.

ABCA Support for Finals, Other Trials

During the fiscal year ending February 28, 2010, the ABCA provided $15,750 in promotional money to support local trials throughout North America.  We also provided $10,000 in general support for the 2009 USBCHA Sheepdog and Cattledog National Finals, and awarded an additional $16,000 in prize money at those Finals.  The USBCHA trials, both local and national, are an important way of testing how well our dogs measure up to the working standard, and an important way of showcasing the working border collie. 

Promotional Request Deadlines

One of the unique benefits of the American Border Collie Association is the use of promotional money accumulated from each registration at the rate of $ 1.00 per dog to promote the border collie and border collie events throughout the United States and Canada through its members. Money is available to members in each state with request deadlines on February 15 and July 15 of each year. A written request must be submitted by the member with a detailed description of the activity or event that they are requesting funds for. The information should include the description, date(s), members involved, location and amount of money requested. Only current members will be considered. Be sure to have your written request in by the deadline. Requests may be mailed, faxed or emailed into the office.

red03_next.gifPromotional Money Request Application in pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

red03_next.gifPromotional Money Request (Editable) Application in pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader)


For more information contact:
American Border Collie Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 100 · Cataula, GA 31804
Phone: 706-322-4400 · Fax: 706-322-4004

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